Monday, 17 December 2012

J profiled

It's J's turn to be profiled. Irish beauty, seamless seamstress and the queen of risottos. She has an oh-so-covetable job in fashion, a mass of gorgeous hair and quite the possibly the best personality that God could muster. Jealous yet? You should be...

Favourite holiday of the year?
Christmas, it always makes me feel like I’m not a grownup. Plus, my family are amazing, any time spent with them is brilliant.

Ideal holiday destination?
Somewhere new, full of new adventures. 

The outfit you throw on when you sleep through your alarm?

Skinny Jeans, a baggy top, a long necklace, a pair of boots, a blazer/chunky cardi (dependent on which baggy top) & a scarf.

Perfect way to spend the day is doing...?
Spending time with loved ones, laughing + making memories (bonus points if it includes a cycle ride, but that is very dependent on the weather).

Film that has most influenced your style?
Ashes to Ashes (not a film, but a very very good TV. series)

Ultimate girl crush?
Agyness Deyn.

When you were growing up you wanted to be?
A fashion designer.

Now you’re grown up you want to be?

Favourite style blogger?
More beauty than style but my current blog addiction is The Beauty Department.

Top three high street shops?
Zara, H&M and Urban Outfitters.

If you could afford to, you would buy from which designer?
Burberry (and not ‘cause I am biased… I genuinely love everything from the Brit + London labels)

Beauty products you couldn’t live without?
No7 Mascara, Black kohl eye liner and Blistex

What’s your poison?
Jaeger. It makes me stupid.

The thought that keeps you going through all the hard days?
That tomorrow is a new, different day with a clean slate and plenty of chances to be incredible. That in a weeks’ time, today will hardly even be a memory. That at the end of the day/week/month/year I have many brilliant and beautiful people that love and care about me, I have many places that I can call home, and there are the makings of some tasty dish awaiting me at that home. That doesn’t change and I am very very lucky to have them.

Also, that most things can be made better by a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Ideal date?
In a pub, with nice beer and someone who makes me laugh.

The three main colours in your wardrobe are?
Black, Blueish green + leopard.

When you and your girlfriends get together you are? (going to the pub/dancing/cooking/gossiping) 
Playing, dancing, eating, singing, laughing + solving the world’s problems. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Happy, more centered, just as playful, nicer handbags. Having a better handle on life things.

J x

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