Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Space

We all have dreams, right?  For some it's traveling, others it's a dream job; each to their own.  Me, I dream of one day owning a beautiful warehouse, loft space or large, modernist open plan apartment.  I spend hours of my life daydreaming about furnishing and decorating this dream home.  I pore over interiors magazines, wander round vintage shops, Scandinavian design shops, kitchen shops, you name it, picking out what I would have in this dream home of mine.  The reality is that I live, and will do for the foreseeable future, in a moderately sized rented flat, that is not mine to decorate.  This has the capacity to depress me.

But, with my incessant ability to hoard, potter and rearrange, and a little bit of creativity, I am slowly learning to turn the places I have to exist in,  into spaces I want to spend time in.  In my current space, my bed is a haven, with gorgeous bedding that's MINE and scatter cushions galore, and I have recently made the foray into candles and oil burners.  My latest achievement, however, is transforming the desperately dull Ikea Malm drawers in my room into a little work of art.  All it took was the pictures from an old calendar, scissors and blue tack.  If I owned the drawers, and if you want to do something similar, I would've sanded down the front and pasted the pictures on with wallpaper paste or PVA, for a more permanent finish.

What do you do to make your space your own?

A x


  1. i'm at a loss trying to make my space my own! i'm constantly going through interior design tumblrs for inspiration!

    your drawers look awesome! xx

    1. It's especially hard when you're renting, or you're on a budget, or both! I tend to have my best ideas when I'm lying in my bed half asleep! A x