Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Burberry Mens - Milan AW13

From one true Burberry devotee to, I presume, another here is the Burberry menswear AW13 show that took place over the weekend in Milan. Watching it (live over the internet, 'cause Burbs is so digitally forward thinking, in case you hadn't heard!) I couldn't help but wonder  whether or not men actually indulge in the fashion world as we ladies do...

I think the key with Burberry, both in menswear and womenswear, is the accessibility of it. Yes its luxury, yes it is hard to find anything that doesn't cost equal to or more that a months' rent, but the clothes and styles are just so wearable.
This has always been a sticking point between me with fashion, and probably why, at times, I haven't got along with it very well; I just find it hard to see the point in producing something for the sake of it. Yes, fashion can be art, and a lot of the time the runway shows are more about art than fashion, but I would much prefer to spend time designing clothes that someone will actually wear and love than statement garments that you wear once (if it is even wearable to begin with) is that is its entire lifetime!

I think what this Menswear show has managed to portray is this wearablity, even the statement pieces I can see in my minds eye being worn by some fabulous someone or other. And the styling is impeccable, even down to the iPhone case accessories.

Things that I love and want (even though I am not a man): The Shoes, The Sunglasses with the leopard print glass, The Heart Jumper, The Animal Print + Burbs Check Manbags.

Things I don't really want: The Rubber Looking Trenches.

Okay, lets be honest, I've been pretty biased here. I realise that. But quite honestly, I don't care, so please do let come back to me with your thoughts on the show, and I'll just drop Christopher a line with our feedback. Obviously.

J x

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