Friday, 11 January 2013

Good One

A couple of years ago, when I worked at the Ethical Fashion Forum, I was invited to the office Christmas party (as one usually is). At this party was the usual EFF employees along with a whole host of really impressive and (arguably) pioneering leaders in ethical fashion. And I managed to be pretty much the opposite of a nonchalant, cool, grownup.

One person who (unfortunately) got the brunt of me feeling like a kid in a sweet shop, all giddy and excitable, was Nin Castle from Good One, (I am still cringing about this 2 years later) meeting her at the drinks table, having a conversation about mince pies my friend piped in with:
Emily: "Oh, J, This is Nin from Goodone"
J: "huh?? OHMYGODYOUAREAMAZING!! No-seriously-your-designs-are-incredible-and-pretty-much-was-the-first-brand-that-got-me-really-interested-in-ethical-fashion-in-the-first-place!!"
Everyone: "......."
Nin: "Errr thanks!! What do you do??" 
At this point I died inside and mumbled something about Pants to Poverty... Not. Cool.

Anyway, this is Good One, they are an up-cycling company whose designs are an ingenious fusion of both an ethical manufacturing approach and accessible design and I absolutely love all of it.

J x

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