Monday, 21 January 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

J and I braved the cold, cold, snow to get ingredients for a slow-cooked stew, perfect for a wintry day and also to buy me a much needed coffee(I can't live without coffee, you might have noticed).

This is What We Wore, on top of the necessary umpteen layers of tights, leggings, vest tops, long sleeve tops, jumpers, etc. to fend off the weather.


J wears // hat & scarf: M&S // coat: Burberry // good ol' wellies that have seen many snows and many glasto's // 

J rocks a snuggly chic look, with her wide lapels and woolly hat.  J has also teaches us the value of a scarf in this kind of weather.  In fact, I am wearing one right now.  Inside. 

A wears // hat: vintage // gloves: M&S // coat: HoF Label Lab // bag: Urban Outfitters // boots: Doc Martens //

A wide brimmed hat is my first line of defence against the snow, it keeps the snow flakes from falling on your face and therefore any unsightly squinting.  And amongst all the dark, wintry colours, a splash of sunny orange to brighten things up a bit.  But by far my top tip for snowy attire, is a pair of Doc Martens.  They can weather any storm without sacrificing style.

How have you been surviving the snow?

A & J xx


  1. loooove it so much!love the coat.and beanie.amazing.
    oh, do you want to follow each other?
    Let me know, I'll be glad to.

  2. Love the hat!! These are cute snow outfits!


    1. you have such an amazing style,dear!
      Wish you a beautiful day <3

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