Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Love Locked

During my New Year's trip to Germany to see my family, we went wandering around Frankfurt for the afternoon, and while in search for a beer and a schnitzel we went over Eiserner Steg Bridge where hundreds of padlocks have been attached to the railings. Each one either engraved or written on with two people's names as a declaration of love.
After a quick Google I've found that this is apparently a relatively new "trend" across Europe, and similar bridges in Germany, Italy + France have been found.

Nobody seems to know (at least that I can find on the internet anyway) where this trend originated, which I think is awesome. Am always amazed and fascinated at these little traits that we humans have, what is that called? Anthropology?

I am not usually one to be soppy over love  + relationships but this is one gesture that I really like.

Unfortunately, sometimes, relationships don't last forever, even when you are certain that they would or should. But in my experience any relationship you have, whether it is a long or a short one, that crazy stupid love that means you can't think straight or the kind that is similar to being hugged by that thing in that soup in a mug advert. They impact you, they change the way you think, they make you smile / frown / laugh / swear / reminisce at a memory, so I guess I like the permanent symbolism of this trending ritual. And I like that you can see how many people are in or have been in a relationship that means so much to them that they are willing to declare it on a padlock, lock that padlock to a permanent structure and throw away they key forever.

J x

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  1. It's so cool, i want to see it in real life! I wonder if it *has* to be romantic? I would do one for my dad :(