Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The FAT verdict

So, the other day I was innocently heading off to my GP to complete my registration process e.g. have my blood pressure taken, tell them how much (we all lie on this right?) alcohol I drink and leave the place more secure in the knowledge that next time I have tonsillitis I'll have someone to help me. However, this is actually what happened:

The nurse lady took my blood pressure, which was fine by the way, then weighed me, measured me, and then informed me that I was overweight. Apparently she "has" to let me know.

I was, am, understandably a bit riled by this diagnosis and left to immediately call my sister, best friend and Favourite to make sure I hadn't morphed into someone off The Biggest Looser without noticing. I suppose I should really tell you the stats...I'm a size 12 (or 14 in Topshop trousers) and decidedly average height. I have quite the amble booty, a small waist and D/DD breasts. I have never been skinny because my body wasn't made to be, but I've also never been fat, because again, no ones body was made to be. I walk or cycle everywhere, exercise 2/3 times a week and eat, all be it often too large portions, of healthy home cooked food. I do not consider myself fat, at all. I exercise, slightly more as of late, because I'd like to tone up my thighs and because I've noticed it makes me happier and have more energy to enjoy life. I have never exercised out of a desperate need to loose weight. Here are some photos to help you visualise the case in hand, normal vs morbidly obese:

Should I be worried? Is size 12 too big now? Is my heart at risk? I am personally tempted to ignore this FAT verdict, carry on exercising and eating healthily, feeling happy when I look in the mirror and carry on being happy.

Can I just suggest to all you hardworking NHS staff out there, that you have a little more tact. If I was a few years younger and just that bit less self assured you would have caused serious damage to my self esteem and possibly, mental health. Thank goodness I'm old enough and sensible enough to know to ignore you. 

R x 

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  1. I bet many women would kill to be a size 12. Definitely not fat! Weight is a silly measurement to use. It fluctuates so much hour to hour and means nothing. Most Olympic athletes come out as overweight because of muscle! Exercise is the most important thing. You can be thin and unhealthy if you don't exercise. Sounds and looks to me (as a qualified personal trainer) that you're doing pretty well for yourself!