Thursday, 10 January 2013

The romantic Rob Ryan

I'm sure you have all heard of him, fondled one of his cards or maybe even sent one. But just in case you haven't and because I never get tired of looking at them, here are a few of my favorite Rob Ryan pieces of work.Every time I step into a card shop I end up gravitating straight towards Rob Ryan's work, in fact most times I go into a card shop it's to look at his cards, I then usually end up buying one for myself to add to a growing collection displayed around my house. There is something eternally charming about them. They're not cool, they're not cynical, they're not pretentious, they are simple heartfelt declarations of love and hope executed with an appealing craftsmanship. 

Everyone has a day, or even just a momentary blip when life can seem bleak, where your weeks ahead hold no excitement, where the reflection in the mirror depresses you and when even you're best friends can't bring a smile to your face. It's times like these that I find myself curled up with a cup of tea reflecting on beautiful pictures like these. The visual abilities of our brain are outstanding and work like Robs' has an impressive way of taking me away to a more beautiful, more hopeful place. So whether you spend some time scrolling through this post, or pop off to your local art gallery I urge you to try out the healing power of the aesthetic. 


The last picture, with the caption 'Believe in People' holds a very special place in my heart, it was during a reflective and inspired moment when trying to decide whether to give a relationship with my Favourite a go or not, that I first saw this card. The simple, childlike, message of believing in people really spoke to me. I know I sound dreadfully cheesy but it's true, I took that message on board and took a risk. I believed in him, and now, I believe in us.

R x

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  1. I love them. I don't have any :( One of my friends did a couple of work experiences with Rob Ryan. These are the sort of things she does as well - so beautiful.