Thursday, 31 January 2013

WWW: Oh you fancy, huh?

The other weekend, I was invited to a 30th birthday where the dress code was: "As Glam As You Can!" which, to be honest, put the fear of God in me. As you may have already gathered from some of my previous posts, I do not consider myself a very glamorous person.

So I delved into my wardrobe and found this dress, that I bought during my time at Ted Baker. Presumably it was a bargain, or I was suffering from temporary insanity.

Josina - Ted Baker 2008/9 
I am a big believer in the "Make do and Mend" approach to my wardrobe, not out of frugality, but I think there are a lot of outfits to be gained from making the odd alterations to an item that is just not quite right.

And so, trying to tone down the hint of saloon the original dress has, I dropped the puffed hem, and added a few other amendments to save my modesty. And not feeling too disimilar to Cinderella after her dress is created by her mice friends I am pretty happy with the finished result:

Armed with my Burbs Clutch and some Black to Gold Ombre nails, I think I got away with a convincing portrayal of glamour. That is, until I starting dancing anyway.

Dress: Ted Baker - Clutch Bag: Burberry - Shoes: M&S

J x

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