Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blogs in Brief

We're at Saturday again, thank goodness!  This week has been absolutely jam packed for all of us  Amongst all the usual things, J is off away at a family wedding and I am currently being tour guide and entertaining my dear friend and godkids in London for the weekend.  Possibly most exciting of all, R and E are up in Liverpool doing the test shoot for the r.a.j.e. lookbook shoot which will be happening in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

In the wider world, it has been London Fashion Week, and it was a good fashion week, wasn't it?  Did you catch any of the shows?  I'm still impressed at the technological wonder that LFW is; streaming shows; live Twitter coverage; it's very cool and gives us all a chance to get closer to the action!

After such a week, it was hard to choose the highlights!  So here are a just a few of the blogging highlights of this week.

#LFW Topshop Unique AW13


Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

Introducing... T Damien Anyasi

A x 

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