Sunday, 10 February 2013

E's Bristol Music

As you all know I'm the 1/4 of r.a.j.e. that lives, works and breathes in Bristol. I've shaken my post uni blues and decided that 2013, is going to be a good one. 

So what better way to kick it off than with a few great gigs with some delightful people, all based in Bristol and beyond. Check them out if you fancy a new little tune or two.

I saw Goan Dogs in the classic Bristol fashion - on a boat, The Grain Barge to be exact. I was pleasantly surprised by their delightful sounds. I hope you will be too.

I've had the pleasure of seeing Robin Mitchell quite a few times, he is a singer songwriter with lyrics written from the heart and music that can't fail to make you tap your toes.

The soulful voice of George Ezra will be sure to captive you all.
So I recommend you all have a listen, just click on the pictures and they'll take you to the links. 

E x


  1. My cousin is in Goan Dogs!! They're a great band and their EP album is up on Spotify if you haven't bought it already! :)

  2. Amazing! Thanks for letting us know. E x

  3. I thought I spied you at the George Ezra gig... truly stunning voice hasn't he. I expect to see big things from him and people should get to see him for free for as long as they can!