Thursday, 21 February 2013

Introducing... T Damien Anyasi

You may have seen this guy pop up on the blog one or two times before now, but I thought it about time for you to get to know him properly.  I first met Damien a few years back when the r.a.j.e. girls and I were at the very beginning of the r.a.j.e journey.  We had, somewhat naively, entered a national ethical fashion competition and progressed to the crazy but amazing stage of being finalists, showing at London Fashion Week.  Damien was a dancer for ethical street wear company THTC, with whom we were partnered, and since then I have discovered him to be so much more than just a dancer. 

Damien founded and runs B-Better a hip hop education company which aims to educate and empower people through the various expressions of hip hop culture, including dance, music, and art.  Damien is one of the most dedicated and impressive dancers I've ever met, and his CV boasts gigs such as the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. 

This chap, in case you weren't impressed already, also manifests the entrepreneurial spirit.  He is the UK rep for Shoeture, super cool metal accessories for shoes.  Sneakerheads step this way...

What I love about Damien, and why I'm banging on about him, is his passion, his drive and his uncompromising attitude.  He works hard, he has integrity and his enthusiasm for what he does it infectious.  I know for a fact he works harder than anyone else I know, all because he believes in what he does and holds on to a dream.  Respect.  

There are days, weeks, even months when I lose heart and question what I'm doing and why, when the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life drag me down.  At those points I remind myself of people like Damien and he inspires me.  I remember that I do what I do because I love it, and my idea of what's possible is broadened.

People who inspire you and change negative thoughts into positive, proactive ideas are rare and worth their weight in gold.  If you know one, hold onto them.  If not, I'll share Damien with you.

Find B-Better and Shoeture on Twitter.

A x

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