Sunday, 17 February 2013

#LFW Topshop Unique AW13

The high street behemoth that is Topshop is seemingly unstoppable on it's way to world domination.  One of the few high street brands with a slot at London Fashion Week, it really is playing with the big boys.  Topshop have not lost touch with their customers though, allowing anyone and everyone to live stream the show direct from the Topshop website and tweet, Facebook, etc their favourite looks.  Part of the phenomenon of narrowing the gap between high fashion and high street, mainly fueled by social media and the rise of bloggers; Topshop are establishing themselves as key players.

So from the comfort of my bed, surrounded by Vogue, Twitter and a take out coffee, I watched the show.  

The army of models marched down the concrete catwalk in sturdy heels accessorised playfully with pop socks pulled up above the ankles, clutching their bags under their arms à la Victoria Beckham, conveying grown up confidence with a touch of irreverence.  The Granny Chic was continued in the cuddly floral knits outfitted with sensible length skirts and underneath shiny red rain jackets.

Granny knits and rain coats

The collection was a refined palette of blacks, minks and pinks with highlights of red, sequins and snakeskin.  Proportion was pulled apart and put back together again with outsized knits layered over pleated skirts, and cropped tops paired with tailored trousers and slinky skirts.  

Pink fau fur and tailored trousersBoxy tops and tailore trousers

The look, as we have come to expect from Unique, is true to the Topshop girl, with street wear influences and a casual silhouette, but a slight departure toward adulthood.  This was expressed in this collection's contrasts of use and texture.  Nonchalantly worn sequins were paired with boxy shearling jackets and 'borrowed it from Daddy' smart wear was made up with sparkles on the eyes.

Sparkles and shearling

After the runaway success of their SS13 show, I had wondered how Topshop would follow themselves, but my fears were well and truly allayed with this beautiful collection.  Now I just have to sit tight until it hits the shops!

A x


  1. I love your creativity when it comes to fashion

    1. Thanks so much! What a lovely comment. A x

  2. This collection is sou beautiful and So stylish...I love the first one.

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