Friday, 15 February 2013

Unre(lent)ing Resolve

We are a couple of days into lent, and as far as I know the four of us (R A J E) have stuck to our resolutions. So, if we can do it for two days we can do it until Easter right? 

I thought I would share our four resolutions with you, it's not too late to start one you know? I know lent is rather old fashioned and a lot of people weren't brought up to do it etc. but I think, more and more recently, that denying ourselves things is actually quite good for us. Our society is pretty have have have, and I think it does us good to have not, for a while at least. It builds our self control, cuts down on us indulging our every whim and finally, its makes the things we love even better because they then feel like treats! So without much further ado, we are resolved to..

R: Give up snacking and stick to a budget. I am only allowed to eat three balanced meals a day and will only allow myself fruit and vegetables in between those. My Favourite is drawing up a budget for us that we will both adhere too, putting as many pennies away as possible and living a frugal lifestyle for a few weeks. 

A: After a lot of thought A decided to give up Chocolate, this fits nicely into her current spout of detoxing. 

J: Though very tempted by a Crunchie staring at her from her desk J eventually resolved to give up snacking at work to help her be healthier and more productive. 

E: Celiac E tried to trick us by initially resolving to give up wheat, bad girl! It turns out she is actually going to turn lent on its head and take up running to get her back into it after a miserable winter.

There you go, a few small actions which we will hopefully stick to and reap the benefits off. We will let you know how they go! Did anyone else give anything up for lent?

R x

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