Monday, 4 March 2013


As this blog grows I want to make sure I'm as honest in my posts as I've ever been, I don't want to ever be a blogger who only posts impressive or "fashiony" posts. This blog claims to chart the highs and lows of out four lives, and so, with no further ado, I have a little announcement. 

Let me start by saying how annoyed I am that this has happened, it was never part of my life plan, but I fear it is now unavoidable. I was lying in bed one sleepless night, sleepless because of what had just popped into my head. Out of nowhere this fully formed character and her life were spilling out of my brain, so much so I had to jump out of bed and jot everything down. I was left with one conclusion, I'm going to have to write a book, even if just for the sake of a good nights sleep. 

It's not that I grew up wanting to be a writer, I'm a journalist, and those are two very different things. Journalists write (hopefully) to convey information and fact. So even if my niche is fashion journalism, I am writing because I am directed to, on a chosen subject and with certain facts I have to include. It is rigid and instructed. Creative writing on the other hand, well no one has to do it do they? It is whimsy and fun. But it seems I am left with no choice, this character (who for now will remain unnamed) has become part of me, her thoughts frequently pass through my brain, her feelings flutter with mine, she is very much alive, and now I just have to let the rest of the world know. 

Being the constant support and thoughtful boy he is my Favourite bought me this beautiful notebook for Valentines Day to encourage me. I have no idea how this is going to go, I have set aside one afternoon a week to go and write, for now I'm simply sketching out chapters. I don't even know if I want to aim for it to be published, or whether I will just share it with friends and family. I recently read 'The Story of Forgetting' by Stefan Block in which there is a story that is handed down through generations of a family and it links and joins them as they grow, maybe my own book can aspire to do this. Who knows, all I know is, I have to write it. 

Wish me luck!

R x


  1. Very best of luck! You are writing for the best reason of all - you feel as if you need to know the ending. It's a wonderful, frustrating, freeing, frightening process so do it for love and keep doing it until you fall out of love with it. You already sound like you know what you're doing far more than I ever did! (And any writing training will stand you in great stead - journalism probably more than creative writing, as completing a novel is much more about editing - knowing what to cut out and how to kill your darlings - than it is about creating something in the first place!)

  2. Thanks Chloe, i'm keeping an open mind at the moment and treating is as a project. I'll keep you updated!
    R x

    1. Do! I'd love to know how it's going. Whether it's a hobby/project or becoems a determined attempt to get published it's a great achievement either way. And us novelists have to stick together ;)