Saturday, 23 March 2013


We've been hinting over the past month or so of big things happening with R~A~J~E and this blog transformation is just the start. We've embraced a new look for a new season and we hope you love it as much as we do. Take  a look at our Facebook, Twitter and  Pinterest and see their shiny new makeovers too! 

While we can't reveal all just yet we will do soon so keep on visiting the blog and tweeting us to make sure you're in the loop. In amongst our beautifying week we have still had time to blog and so here, with no further ado, are this weeks Blogs in Brief. It's been a varied week on becomingraje with questions of style, talk of Hot Yoga and beauty product debates. Follow the links below to see the highlights: 

R decides it's time to embrace tailoring and suit up. 

A talks us through her skincare routine and how to work with problem skin.

Along will most other groups of girl friends R shares 'who she is'.

We hope you've enjoyed today's blog reading, let us know what you think of our transformation. Tomorrow we will be introducing you to the lovely graphic designer who gave us our new style so make sure you check back then. 

Until then, have a wonderful weekend everybody.
R x

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