Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blogs in Brief

What.A.Week. I have been a little absent from r.a.j.e. recently as I've been covering shows for Catwalk Yourself, but as fashion month is nearly at an end I will be free to r.a.j.e. once again. This year is the first time I have experienced the fashion week madness, I sort of imagined it to be hectic and stressful. I had no idea, it is absolutely insane. So many shows, all the time. It's been wonderful and stressful trying to cover them and I have learnt a lot! I have in betweeen lusting after Topshop Unique, Dior and Mugler managed to squeeze in a few blogs (do I get some blogger credits here? Snaps? Chocolate?) So with the help of A, J and E here is this weeks blogs in brief:

Make sure you keep visiting this week, we will have the stand out shows of A/W 13, more WWW's, more I Blame the Crackle and one huge confession.

R x

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