Saturday, 16 March 2013

Blogs in Brief

Hello Weekend! Is it just me or has this week been particularly cruel? It seems as though there is never enough hours in the day to complete the never ending task lists. In fact, yesterday, when I sat down to write my "To Do's" for next week I just left it as: Many Things.

So, I think this week has earned some time indulging in Saturday-Coffee-Drinking-Popcorn-Eating-Blog-Reading. And here is a round up of some of our posts from the week to help you:

Spring is here, Well at least I thought So:
Some beautiful photos from E, capturing a brief glimpse of spring.

What if Money Was No Object:
An inspirational straight talking YouTube video to help in those doom moments

Marimekko stole my heart:
Still dreaming about her recent trip to Copenhagen, R shares some some print based beauty

J x

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