Sunday, 3 March 2013

E shares her love for Wes Anderson

Since studying photography, I suppose it's inevitable that it has become so much more than just something I studied. It has highly influenced how I see, watch and take things in. 

This is especially evident in how I watch films. Films to me have become something more than just entertainment. They are creative inspirations, whether that's how it's filmed, where it's filmed or how it's styled. 

Someone who never fails to captivate me through his films is, the one and only, Wes Anderson. You may already know my slight obsession with his films after my 'Moonrise Kingdom' blog post. However seeing that film was only the mere catalyst of finding all his other films, totally inspiring, and usually extremely entertaining! 

A couple of examples of the incredible interiors from 'The Royal Tenenbaums' These kind of places are definitely what inspire me to want to photograph stunning interiors. 

The most recent Wes film I've watched is, 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'. Not only did I laugh most of the way through but once again I was captivated by it's aesthetically pleasing interiors and consistent style. I think it may be my favourite Wes film I've seen so far.

So without giving too much away, here's the trailer, so you can see what your missing out on.

Can anyone recommend any other aesthetically inspiring films?

E x


  1. It's worth having a gander at The Darjeeling Limited too :) I've always thought that if I wanted a film made of my life I'd want Wes Anderson to direct it!

  2. Thanks, yes that film is brilliant too. I'm definitely up for Wes making a film of my life! Great to hear from you. E x