Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hot (sweaty back breaking) Yoga / Part One

I have had a very strange relationship with exercise and it stems back something an old friend said to me when I was far too young and insecure to understand it: "You have to be happy to lose weight". Now at 22, gym memberships, fad diets and unrealistic goals behind me I can say I definitely agree. You have to want to exercise, you have to want to do it for your own sake. My healthy relationship with exercise didn't happen because I had a holiday in Ibiza booked/self esteem issues/wanted to look like Cara Delevigne it developed from a happy realisation that I want to look after my body, I want to wake up feeling fresh and full of energy and I want to be able to cycle up a hill without dying.

With my new positive attitude in place I developed a nice routine of cycling, swimming, running and exercise DVDing, one that I really enjoy and have sustained for a long time now. Next, I signed up to Hot Yoga with my flat mate. More out of curiosity than anything, but so we had to stick it out we bought a 30 day pass. And oh-my-sweet-goodness. 

I'll have to tell you now. I am now a complete yogabunny/yogamania/yogaddict. It's just so flipping good. It's hard, yes, very hard. But is anything worth doing really ever easy? My body after a couple of weeks feels leaner, fitter, younger and more capable. I am already much more flexible and I can feel my core and thighs especially getting stronger. I can even support my whole body weight on my shoulders while my legs and torso are in a complete straight line! 

If you find it difficult to focus and embarrass easily then maybe Hot Yoga isn't for you, but personally I have found the benefits to be endless and I'm now hunting around for a permanent membership. 

R x

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