Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I am British, I Promise

I have always struggled somewhat with my identity. Now before you go and vomit, don't worry, I just mean literally I can never decide how to say where I'm from etc. My mum is Anglo Indian and my Dad a scramble of the Celtic islands and I've grown up feeling not at all English but very British. It doesn't help that I'm now a Southern girl living up North.

Born in Cardiff and brought up in Bristol with very little English blood to speak off leaves me somewhat dumbfounded when people ask, where are you from? I could provide a simple answer if only my skin wasn't so pale and I could actually pull off Anglo Indian!

But recently I've been having an even more exaggerated identity crisis, I've been wondering if I'm even typically British. I've noticed more and more these days that my friends laugh at me because I'm positive. All of my romantic notions and optimism provoke disbelief from the people around me. WHY. I want to know WHY. Why is it so bad that I expect to spend my life in love, or know I will find a job I will love, that I'll have children, that I'll finally go to NYC, that yes life will be immensely challenging but I will always be surrounded by people to love and be loved by.

Oh lord, I'm not British am I? I'm American.

R x

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