Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It's time for a short suit

This approaching May I have a wedding to go to (my first as a plus one), my 23rd birthday shortly afterwards and then my anniversary with my Favourite. As all of these occasions as so close together and getting closer and closer I've been thinking about what to wear. Long gone are the days where I desire a different look for each one, no, I want to invest in a quality piece, or pieces that will last for years and look great on. I also don't want to wear a Topshop dress that 20 other girls will also be wearing (is there a bigger fashion faux pas?)! 

Anyway, the SS13 trends have definitely got to me because I keep on coming back to the idea of a short suit. I have never been one for tailored separates but thanks to my Bikram Yoga fuelled body confidence I finally feel able to tackle the tricky trend. After an initial online look I am now craving all of these: 

Reiss / Tulipa / £95

Reiss / Percy / £110

Whistles / Elliot Jacket / £155/ Elliot Trousers/ £125

Whistles / Orchid Shorts / £95

Whistles / Woodgrain Trousers / £75

Reiss / Cordelia Max / £195

Reiss / Sally / £95

 American Vintage / £100

If anyone has any tips on finding the right blazer/shorts/trouser combination then please let me know! I'm now blanking out a day in my diary to go and try these beauties on!

R x

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