Monday, 11 March 2013

Marimekko stole my heart

Have you all heard of Marimekko? Yes? No? Well just in case you've been deprived this far: Marimekko, founded in 1951, is a Finnish design company who year on year produce absolutely irresistibly bright, fun and inventive prints. They have a bit of a cult following and as a result have expanded their range into kitchenware and clothing, including a collaboration with Converse. My ever so stylish Mother introduced me to Marimekko so I have been a fan of their designs from a young age and I fully intend on bulk buying some of their fabric when I finally own a home. While I was in Copenhagen I came across a flagship Marimekko shop in an old Print works. I couldn't resist having a look around. Here's what I found:

Marimekko will never be the most stylish nor the most progressive of design choices. But the prints are fun, harmless, eye catching and just the sort of thing I want to be surrounded by every day. If only I had the money! 

R x

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