Monday, 25 March 2013

My Love, Milan

One of the biggest perks of my job has been two trips to Milan.  Although, I have to confess, this is a lot less glamorous than it sounds.  This trip was a whirlwind three days of which we spend the daylight hours inside a huge air conditioned exhibition centre working our socks off, and the evenings dining with our colleagues and customers.  It was a full on few days, and we worked very hard, but we had lots of fun, ate amazing food and even got a couple of glimpses of Milan!

The main result of the trip is I am left even more in love with Italy and especially Milan, with it's fascinating mix of old and new, decorative and industrial, beauty and grime, and I long to return!  This is my photo diary of everything unrelated to work.

 Campari, Prosecco and soda, my new favourite drink.

 Super cute models of a traditional sunglasses factory.

Vintage posters in a restaurant and graffiti just outside. 

Some of the best food I have ever tasted, pictured are the squid ink pasta with tomatoes and zucchini flowers stuffed with feta.  We also had the most wonderful steak and a selection of very tasty desserts. 

Sublime wine.  You just knew whatever you chose would be beautiful.


Very cute sweet treats.  And of course, great coffee was to be head everywhere!

Whenever I am in Italy, I feel inexplicably at home.  I don't know whether it's the culture, the welcoming people, or what, but I am head over heels for Italy.  I sincerely want to learn to speak Italian, but I am awful at languages, so don't know where to start!  Hey, until next time, bella Milano, arrivederci!

A x


  1. Nice pics!

  2. looks lovely and the food looks delicious :)


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    1. Oh wow, thanks for commenting guys. It makes me happy when people get involved with the blog. A x