Thursday, 28 March 2013

R: My three favourite magazines

We decided over one of our many Skypes to share each of our three favourite magazines. This is pretty much an impossible task for me, magazines are my bread and butter, not only are they my main hobby they are my work. So instead I am sharing three magazines that I read every month without fail. 

1) British Vogue

It's the bible. Even if it is a bit stiff upper lip it has the best editorials, the best photographers and often the best interviews. It's trend analysis is spot on and influential and it retains the same utmost respect for high fashion that it did decades ago, and so, I love it. My Favourite subscribes me to Vogue which means it happily arrives every month signalling a few days of immersion into the fashion world, it's wonderful. 

2) British Elle

I got into Elle because my sister was into Vogue and I wanted to have a magazine of my own! I have always loved Elle. It has the credibility of an established fashion publication but with a fresh take. The 'Elle Girl' that they address really resonates with me and they manage to make me feel part of a community of thousands of other fashion loving women, pretty impressive for a magazine. I am however slightly questioning Lorraine Candy's judgement with their latest re-brand but I'm reserving judgement for a little while longer. My Favourite also subscribes me to this, for double the pleasure!

3) British Glamour

Glamour is my guilty pleasure. I never plan on buying it every month but end up doing so partly because it's cheap and also because it's perfect reading to switch my brain off and just relax. When I have an unread Glamour in my room I know I have a couple of hours of stress free time awaiting. It's fun, light and has just enough credible fashion pieces to make me not hate myself for reading it. I have to say, the interviews are also exceptionally good and their taste in accessories is flawless. Oh, and the freebies are always a treat!

Don't get me wrong, there's very rarely a month where I only have three magazines! I am also a semi-regular purchaser of Harpers Bazaar, i-D, Nylon, V and Pop. There were a couple of years where I bought Dazed and Confused every month but, now I just hate it. I really tried and sometimes I loved it. I really wanted to love it. But in trying to be so different, so cool and so alternative it has become so mainstream. It's predictable. It used to have moments of genius, creativity and beauty that no other magazine could compete with. Now it's written for the cool kids who have to know about THAT Shoreditch band and frankly, life is too short. But please, maybe it's redeemed itself and it's brilliant again in which case do tell and I'll rush out and buy a copy?

What magazines do you buy without fail? 

R x

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  1. I have succumbed to middle age and get Good Housekeeping (or rather my lovely godmother subscribes me to it). I adore it! Fabulous articles, interviews with amazing women and tonnes of new recipes to try every month (my favourite bit!). It's not cool, but like with you and Glamour, I love knowing I've got it there and un-read for total relaxation.