Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This is a love story, but wait, it's not what you expect

I knew; it was TIME.  Like the capitalised kind of TIME in a Terry Pratchett novel.  When things long awaited, come together beautifully.  As if they were meant to be.  Let me take you back to the beginning.

I grew up in a household full of music, not in a Von Trapp family kind of way, but my Dad is a musician and music is one his main passions.  I spent my younger years dancing round the living room to Dad's record collection which, needless to say, it being the 80's, was made up of The Eurythmics, U2, Dire Straits, The Police, Free, Miles Davis,... you get the picture.  

I, along with my sister, inherited our parents love of music, and one of my biggest joys in life is singing/ jamming with friends, and running close behind is listening to live music.  I also love, and used to spend a lot of time, just sitting in my room listening to music.  Not doing anything else, but purely taking in the music and letting it take me away.  

Of late, I have missed this.  Keenly so.  My experience of music had become second rate.  I was hearing it through desk speakers, earphones (even my headphones had broken), or over the radio.  I had lost my direct connection to it.  This had to change.

So, like the proverbial knight, my Dad brought me my old record player, hauled out of storage, all the way to London.  Setting this up was exciting, and even the process felt analogue.  I had to re-arrange the room to fit the deck, the amp and the giant speakers in, and even had to order a new needle, the excitement only grew.

Pause.  If you remember, I mentioned multiple things; more than one.  This second event was the Muncie Girls UK Tour.  My lovely sister, had put me on to this band a few months ago, knowing I would like them.  I LOVE them.  They are pure pop punk.  They are old school, they play guitars, there are three of them; they were my perfect route back to reconnecting with music.

UK Tour, Brxton Windmill

I awaited their London gig with anticipation.  I went to see them, I loved it, I bobbed, I nodded, I tried my best not to dance and I bought the record.  Then I came home and played it.  Twice.   

To say it was good was an understatement.  The sound that came out of those speakers was quite literally music to my ears.  I had rekindled my love affair with real music.  What had I been listening to all this time?  I'll not answer that, but all I can say, is I'm glad vinyl is back in my life.  And I love Muncie Girls

Revolution Summer

A x 

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