Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What's Really in My Handbag?

Following on from R's What's Really in My Handbag post, here's my rather tardy offering.  As I love reading other people's what's in my bag posts, in theory, I loved this idea for a series of blog posts.  However, the reality of the situation is, my bag isn't glamorous in the slightest and I was reluctant to reveal that fact to you lovely readers.  Then I got over myself and here's the result.

My bag of choice right now is this super practical faux-leather backpack from Urban Outfitters.  Great for cramming loads in and lugging around all day.

The contents of my bag are never very organised, everything just kinds of finds it's place in a jumbled mess, as you can see.

In my bag // M&S umbrella, we do live in Britain, so I carry an umbrella at all times // spare t-shirt and gloves as a defense against the current cold season // Star Wars Moleskine, no explanation necessary, I imagine // Hello Kitty plush to keep my work keys findable // M&S sunnies for the rare occasion we need them // earphones, my lovely headphones are broken! // cosmetics case // keys with a slightly dead Lego Batman keyring and a keyring made by my godchildren // Oyster card // Tate Membership card // my snazzy Muji business card holder // purse which now I'm noticing is slightly tatty, oops // 

In my cosmetics case, which was gift from South America // comb and hairclips // Mac blush creme in Something Special // Vitamin C // tissues, of course // Carmex, can any girl live without this? // Maybelline cover stick // current lipstick of choice, this one's Avon // compact powder, No. 7 // V&A print mirror // solid perfume because I'm terrified of breaking a real one if I carry it around with me // paracetamol, just in case //

What's in your handbag?

A x

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