Monday, 18 March 2013

Who Are You?

I have it on good authority that I would definitely be Carrie and also definitely be Monica and I've recently heard I'm also Max. It seems that a common part of girl talk is deciding who is who in the programs we all know and love. Now, the Monica comparison I dislike but accept, I love cooking, I am also exceptionally tidy and very irritable when guests in my flat aren't also. I can also be a bit, um, full on? I also have ended up with a very funny, very cute, yet slightly funny looking Boyfriend. 

Max from 2 Broke Girls has taken a bit of getting used to, but unfortunately I can see it. I don't have the luscious hair, incredible breasts or shady childhood, but I do often voice remarks bordering on the outrageous and offensives. My bad. 

The Carrie comparison is slightly more flattering, and as I sit in my local coffee shop writing fashion pieces I can see the similarity. Thankfully my Mr Big didn't take 10 years to realise how fantastic I am, PHEW. I understand why my friends see Carrie's passion for fashion and writing in me and her often critical sense of humour, and her loyalty to her friends. But what I can't see in myself is her incredible sense of self. She is just so confident, she's not the most beautiful girl in the world but she struts around NYC and doesn't care. 

I don't want to move to Paris and I definitely don't want to fall in Dior but I would like a little more of that Carrie confidence in my life. 

Have you been compared to any fictional characters? Flattering or not?

R x

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