Sunday, 28 April 2013

Classic Wardrobe Essentials, or Are They?

Every magazine I read has at some point ran a feature on must have items for your wardrobe in which they attempt to break down the plethora of items of clothing into five or so pieces you can't live without. These pieces have been pretty much the same since I started reading magazines and I can honestly say I don't have any of them in my wardrobe.

1) The White Shirt

2) The Versatile Jean

3) The Loafer

4) The Blazer

5) The Breton Tee

Instead, the five things that I wear and re wear every season and the five things that I keep on replacing are these:

1) The Black Opaque Tight

2) The Heeled Ankle Boot

3) The Mini Body Con Skirt

4) The Oversized Shirt

5) The Denim Jacket.

Now I am not the most fashion forward person and I'm no trend slave. So surely if I've moved on from these distinctly 90s staple items, others have too? Or we all really stuck attempting to look a touch Parisian? Because, let me tell you, the Parisians have moved on. 

R x

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  1. I just adore basics but can't help myself coloring them up, I love details and funky touches added to them :)

    Love your post :)