Monday, 1 April 2013

Copenhagen: Bikes and Coffee Shops

If any of you are regular readers then I'm sure you've gathered by now that I went to Copenhagen last month, and I loved it. Even after this and this  I have to say something else. There is so much coffee and so many bikes. Think Paris has good coffee shops? Think again. Think Amsterdam is the home of cyclists? Think again. Parisian coffee is abysmal, the pavement cafés serve bitter coffee with burnt milk and expect the beauty of the Seine to make up for it. Which it doesn't. 
And while Amsterdam may be full of bikes, they have no brakes and everyone smokes cannabis (recipe for disaster no?) Copenhagen however excels in both of these things, the coffee is delicious even just in the chain cafés and the bikes are plentiful and beautiful. If you like bikes or coffee, and especially if you like both, go to Copenhagen now. 

While a two tier Bike rack is very clever, I'm worried I'm not nearly buff enough to lift my heavy hetty up there!

R x

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