Tuesday, 9 April 2013

E, photography lover and camera geek

Over the years I have collected quite a few cameras, all entirely different, of course. And all photograph in their own beautiful way. Here are a select few...

1) My little vintage Olympus Trip 35mm Camera. 

It's delightfully pretty, compact and extremely light. I love this little film camera and after mostly having to use my digital camera on professional shoots, this is a fun lover to be snap happy with!

2)My Digital beast - Nikon D600

This is my most recent purchase and probably my most frequently used camera. Yes it may be a little less pretty. However this camera is the one that has helped me in my transition to always shooting in film at university and to the reality of needing a great digital camera for the real world. It is Nikon's most compatible, lightest, full frame camera. (‘Full frame’ is the term used to describe a camera with a sensor the same size as a 35mm film negative, measuring 36 x 24mm. Most DSLRs, however, use sensors measuring approximately 24 x 16mm.) What's great with that is that I get the professional benefits but lighter and more compact.

With 24MP it definitely produces lovely results and is a camera that seems to have the same romance that I originally fell in love with, so despite it's rather harsh exterior, I love it.

3) My beloved medium format - Bronica ETRS

I was very much inseparable with this during my degree. Having the darkroom and developing facilities at my finger tips, I was massive fan of the romantic process and this camera has definitely been the one that inspired, and taught me the most during my photographic career. I will always have a special place for this beautiful Bronica. I think it's my first camera love.

4) Fuji Film Polaroid (panda) camera.

Well this little snappy camera is so much fun and has surprisingly good results. It's great having instant results that you can put on your wall or keep as a memento in your purse! I love it. Gives me my much desired film fix with a modern twist! 

What are your favourite image makers? 

E x 

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