Monday, 29 April 2013

R~A~J~E are launching

You know how secretive we've been these past couple of months? Well this is why. I'm sure most of you know us as enthusiastic bloggers, but we, R~A~J~E, are also a fashion company. A design led, ethical fashion company. We believe in clothes that are good for the world, good for people and look darn good too. It's been a long and surprising journey, from a group of four young girls who were thrown a huge opportunity to a collective of four passionate women ready to share their designs with the world. 

We believe in dressing for you shape and skin tone, we believe in original and beautiful design and we believe in creating the most ethical product possible, one that does the world the least harm and someone has enjoyed making. 

As you can see from our gorgeously designed invite above (meet our talented graphic designer here) we are having a launch party to celebrate the culmination of our years of effort and to start showing off our clothes. With some of our favourite friends and favourite bloggers attending it's set to be a brilliant night. After months of working 7 day weeks I think all four of us are ready to put one of our pretty dresses on, grab a cocktail and celebrate!

If you're planning on coming then we can't wait to see you, if you think you would like to join us then email

R x

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