Sunday, 12 May 2013

Beauty for the Pale Skinned

Now I am no beauty expert, more beauty enthusiast and I have struggled for years now over how to work with, and not against my incredibly pale skin. 

Even being Anglo Indian I have very pale skin, ghostly and almost translucent. I'm sure many people in my position would be using fake tan and bronzer every morning but I've never fancied that approach, instead I've always strived to make the most of my complexion. So yes that means staying well away from the sun and always buying make up in ivory or pale ivory (I ask you, what exactly is pale ivory?!) but I'm hoping that in the long run this patient approach to my beauty regime will serve me well. 

Anyway, as a teenager I had quite bad skin, nothing extreme but enough to mean I was wearing a full face of make-up every day from 11/12 years old. This means, when it comes to foundation, I have done the leg work! I have bought the most expensive, the least expensive. I have used brush, finger and sponge. I have tried BB creams, CC creams etc etc. After many years, a lot of money and a lot of research, here is the regime I am finally happy with. 

Firstly I cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning without fail. My skin is too delicate to not, plus I'm 22 and apparently ageing kicks in soon (AH). 

Next I apply a Primer, at the moment I'm using the No7 colour correcting one. At £10.50 it's well priced and creates a lovely smooth surface for me to work with.

After this, using the same brush I apply my Foundation with I put on either Mac Studio Fix Liquid Foundation (NC15) or No7 Matte Perfect Liquid Foundation (Cool Vanilla). Which one I choose depends how much coverage I want or where I'm going. If my skin has broken out a little or I want flawless coverage for a night out/date then I choose Mac. It is hands down the best foundation out there for my skin, it comes pale enough, the coverage is lasting and effective without suffocating the skin and it lasts for ages. If I'm happy with a more natural look then I choose No7 which gives a nice barely there effect while still evening out my skin tone. 

Once I'm happy with my foundation I apply some concealer if needed (it usually is). I use Mac Studio Finish concealer as it lasts for ages, provides brilliant coverage and works seamlessly into my foundation. 

Next just a couple more things before we get to the fun part, first I dust over with a loose finishing powder. The best I've used is the No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder which just tops off your foundation with a natural looking, delicate finish. After this I highlight any areas of my face I feel need it, this is usually my brow bone, a touch on my chin and just under my eyes. I use Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch  as it comes in a shade pale enough and still has the right consistency for my paper fine skin. 

And now were onto the fun parts. I tend to do my eyes next so I can start building my look for the day. Unless it's a special occasion or I'm feeling particular inspired by a new beauty look on the catwalk I will usually just add a black flick to my eyes with some gel liner, I use a Maybelline one because it stays on all day, and all week if you want it too! Plus the application brush is the perfect size. 

After making sure my right and left eye match, which some mornings is a lot harder than others, I curl my lashes with my trusty Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and finish them off with a few (OK maybe more than a few) coats of Mascara. My hands down favourite mascara is Volume Express by Maybelline. The only mascara that does as good a job is Bad Gal by Benefit, but, with that price tag I expect better results which it doesn't deliver. I would rather spend the money on foundation. 

The final flourish is some blusher. Blusher is the product I change the most, I'm not a loyal blusher user! At the moment I use this Boujouis one the most, but last month I swore I wouldn't use anything other than Posetint and I also went through a lengthy Mac cream blush phase. But that's OK, make-up is supposed to be fun, you can be a floosy when it comes to products!

And finally, with a spritz of Dior's Poison, a ruffle of the hair and the packing of a bag I am ready to go. I get comments all the time on how pale I am, but also, on how good my skin looks. So while people may secretly think I'm a vampire I rejoice in knowing I'm at least a well made-up vampire. 

I hope this has encouraged some of you with pale skin out there that some products do exist that work with our complexion. And I really hope that you don't try and cover up your paleness, but instead flaunt it. I am proud to be pale ivory and to take care of my skin, I will be very happy if I don't ever see a bottle of fake tan again! If you need any insiration, here is Ann Hathaway looking utterly beautiful and utterly pale. 

R x

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