Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blogs in Brief

A cheer rings out across the nation; Hurrah!  It's the Bank Holiday weekend!  These precious long weekend are our rewards for putting in some serious hard slog in our respective weekday activities, be that at the day job, freelancing, raising kids, keeping home, whatever you sweat at day in, day out.  Take these three days to recuperate and ready yourself for the next onslaught.  And what better way to start the relaxing than by catching up on this weeks' blogging highlights?

R shows us how she mixes up the prints and textures by keeping it all monotone.

E takes us on a picturesque stroll through a pretty spot in Liverpool.

Classic Wardrobe Essentials, or Are They? 

R challenges the traditionally accepted wardrobe staples and suggests some updates.

Enjoy the long weekend and do tell us what you get up to!

A x

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