Thursday, 23 May 2013

Miss Vogue

This month saw the launch of Miss Vogue; British Vogue's younger sister.  Before we go any further, I must confess; I'd had the date in my diary for months.  Though I definitely do not belong to the target audience of Miss Vogue, I was nevertheless excited for it's release.  The UK market seemed devoid of any quality fashion glossy for teens, and Miss Vogue was set to fill that gap.  And I always have been a Teen Vogue (the US's offering for younger Vogue readers) fan.

After eagerly snapping up the first issue I found, I hurried home to pore over it with a mug of tea.  (See, told you I was too old for this magazine.) It was an instant hit.  The features for the main part are short and snappy, falling somewhere in between British Glamour and Teen Vogue.  The tone and content feels youthful but not childish.

The fashion and beauty spreads were my favourite part of the publication, they are more edgy and slightly less serious than grown-up Vogue, but still very much aspirational.  A balance nicely struck. 

A cute crop top feature, nicely tapping in to an already prevalent trend on the high street.

Great feature on young style idols.  Although scary how young some of these actually are!

I liked the slightly more ad-hoc treatment of page space than we're used to with regular Vogue.

Everyone loves Cara.

Great beauty spread for younger readers.  Who wants tips on keeping your skin glowing and wrinkle free at 15?  No, you clearly want to know how to create rainbow hair braids (anyone remember those?!) and rave-worthy eye make up.

Miss Vogue score a coup with a piece by superstar blogger Tavi Gevinson of Rookie.

This was where the magazine disappointed me.  After pages and pages of great fashion styling and lovely beauty edits, we hit teenage land with a thump with an almost unintelligible interview with Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof and a painfully cheesy article about night's out around the globe.  Eugh.  I guess I really am a grown-up.

If you are a teenager, or if you just like your fashion a little more adventurous and colourful, then this magazine is for you.  It is informed, fun, and life-affirming in only a way a fashion magazine can be.  But do avoid the last pages, unless you are under the age of 17.

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