Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Space // Happy Place

Not so long ago my Favourite got a new flat, a gorgeous studio right next to a park and only 7 minutes cycle away from my city centre place. While moving house is always stressful it was a wholly enjoyable experience because it gave me a chance to stretch my interior design fingers and have a play. Being a boy he didn't have much stuff so a pricey trip to Ikea was made, some furniture borrowed and much more space than is needed dedicated to his record player. But the result, well, it's a Happy Place. 

While enjoying one evening here I remarked that it felt like coming on holiday, and it does. It's away from the city and the sounds of students wasting their degrees and it's clean and uncluttured. 

If life has ever got a bit too much, if I can't face people, my workload or the housework then it's a real blessing to be able to hop on my bike and glide down to this ever Happy Place. Whether it's a coffee shop, park or friends house I hope you all have somewhere similar.  

R x

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