Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Online dating, should we?

Being happily with my Favourite I am in the lucky position of being able to muse about all things concerning relationships and romance without worrying about it too much, anymore! Now I say anymore because for the vast majority of my life so far I have been single. My favourite is my first boyfriend, now this late first relationship wasn't due to extreme shyness, it wasn't because I wasn't asked and it wasn't because I wasn't interested in anyone earlier. It's because, just like Samantha Jones, I love myself and I certainly wasn't going to waste any time or energy on someone not absolutely worth it. 

If I dare patronise my single friends with a bit of advice it would be to stay single until you absolutely can't be. In this I mean, stay single until you meet someone that you inherently can't be without. Someone who is so much your other half it would be ignoring your best part to not be with them. Every other relationship is just a waste of time, a pretence, an illusion. 

And so we come to the title of this little thought piece, should we online date? I obviously shouldn't but if I was single, would I? It's only in the past few months that I've come to the conclusion than yes, I might. Magazines have been telling us it's socially acceptable to online date for a couple of years now, however I'm still not convinced that you wouldn't raise a few eyebrows and concerns if you did set up a profile. Part of my job is running several social media accounts, add to that the fact that R~A~J~E is an online company and I end up spending a lot of time online and a lot of how I interact with people is online. Isn't this the same for most of us? Doesn't it then make sense that as most of our communication is through a computer or iPhone that we would communicate with potential dates this way too? Society interacts less and less face to face and more and more online, friends set you up less and people approach less in bars. Everyone is so used to the comfort of a screen in between to quickly spell check a word or show their best picture. Isn't it time we gave in and viewed online dating as it should be, as just dating? 

If I ask myself would I, If I was single would I use online dating in order to try and find someone worth dating? The answer is yes. Why? Because life is too short to spend it not trying, not pushing our limits and not going after what we want. But please, keep it high brow, none of this Uniform Dating nonsense!

R x


  1. Interesting post! I guess if I were single, I'd probably have to be single for a while before I'd do online dating, I like meeting people naturally, it's far less awkward than meeting first on a date!

    ordaining serendipity

    1. Thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm sure online dating isn't for everyone but I do think it's a viable option! I'm probably the opposite, I tend to always say the wrong thing meeting people for the first time so maybe an online impression would be better!

      R x