Monday, 13 May 2013

The Reformation

I am in danger of spending a lot of money.  You would be too if you'd been scrolling through the garments NY/ LA brand The Reformation have to offer.  

Let me take it back a step.  We here at R~A~J~E, as you may know, are pretty keen on ethical fashion, fashion that respects people, the earth, and seeks to have as positive effect as possible on our world and it's inhabitants.  We are always excited to discover new brands that are exploring ethical fashion, especially in new and exciting ways, be it fairly traded; recycled; organic; locally sourced; the list is endless...  We will be scouring the Internet, and the real world and sharing with you the most exciting brands we find.  

First off is the aforementioned The Reformation.  This brand is formed of a group of designers and creatives led by Yael Aflalo.  Their collections are divided into three, clearly defined and easily accessible ranges; standard; curated; and refashioned.

Standard garments are made from exclusively vintage clothes that are cleaned, sized and modified into newly wearable pieces.  They look a little something like this.

Curated clothes are one of a kind vintage pieces, cleaned and reworked, given The reformation touch.  Here you'll find statement pieces such as the below.

Refashioned pieces are made from vintage and dead stock fabric.  They are limited edition and one-off contemporary pieces in beautiful vintage fabrics. 

If, like me, it's love at first sight, head on over to their online shop.  Non NY/ LA dwellers, do not fear, they ship internationally.

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