Friday, 10 May 2013

Things I'll Never Get To Do... Strictly Fashion

Whilst in one of my frequent and often rambling daydreams recently, I was meditating on all the things that have happened in fashion that I will never witness, and all the innovations that are now considered standard but were once groundbreaking.  I benefit from many of these things but may never truly understand the impact of them.

These are some of the things my mind meandered through that day.  Things I'll never get to do; strictly fashion.

Buy the new season's D&G. 
I have to admit I was a little devastated when Domenico and Stefano merged their two brands into Dolce and Gabanna.  I respect their move, and I have loved the collections season after season, but D&G holds a special place in my heart.  I fell in love with it when I was young, and I always said if I could wear one, and only one, designer brand for my whole life, it would be D&G. I guess I'll have to pick again. 

Wear Dior's revolutionary New Look. 
Following the post war austerity, Dior unleashed his New Look on an unsuspecting, but fashion hungry public.  Imagine that feeling!  On rations for years, starved of the joy of fashion, to then move into a period of relative prosperity and lavish style.  Today we are overfed fashion left, right and centre; I'm struggling to imagine what this must have been like. 

Wear a mini skirt and it be considered daring.
The miniskirt is an icon of one of the biggest sartorial and social revolutions in Western history.  It is a symbol of the swinging sixties and marks a huge shift from modern to post-modern thinking.  Wearing a miniskirt in the 60's was daring, revolutionary and risky.  Wearing a miniskirt today is wearing a skirt. 

Mini Skirt
Tell Alexander McQueen how much I admired his work.
It goes without saying that McQueen was one of the brightest talents in recent British design and his death remains a huge tragedy.  Somehow the weird nature of celebrity led me to imagine one day meeting him and telling him how much I admired him and his work.  It saddens me that I, nor anyone now, will ever get to do that.  

Be Audrey Hepburn.
It wasn't a costume affair, but I went to my 6th Form Ball dressed as Hepburn's Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Only Audrey will ever be Audrey; but I can't help but dream. 

There are so many more that I could list; witnessing the birth of punk; visiting Selfridges when it first opened; living in a time, maybe Jane Austen England, when women wore gowns and men wore suits.

All this thinking about the past got me dreaming about the future, so I shall follow this post up with all the things I hope to do in the future; strictly fashion.  Watch this space.

Are there events you'd like to have witnessed, people you'd love to have met, movements you'd like to have been part of?

A x


  1. I will forever be sad I wasn't born about 70-80 years earlier than I was. I long to be in a society where women wear respectable fitted dresses and wear hats to church. 1930s-1950s is my favourite era - not just for the clothes, though they were awesome. Sigh. 1960s ruined everything ;)

  2. the SAME!
    all the above!
    they all have been the greatest moments in fashion!


    1. Ha, glad you guys agree! Thanks for your comments.
      Although I would love to wear hats to church, I do love 80's and 90's fashion, so could never give up that! A x