Thursday, 9 May 2013

The guide: When you're so stressed your brain starts to implode.

Now I don't know about you but my life has been severely hectic, complicated, stressful and trying lately. Now as negative as those words sound I don't mean them to, I've been very happy just very very busy and with far too much work to do. Launching a company takes more than a fair bit of effort! Anyway, one of the positives of my busy lifestyle is I have come up with a few fail safe ways of surviving trying periods of life like this!

R's stress survival guide:

1) Exercise

I know it sounds very self righteous but a good exercise routine really will help. I mix up 3/4 Bikram Yoga classes a week with a couple of goes of Jillian Michael's 'Ripped in 30' DVD. While I often think my time would be better spent doing more work my brain and body would not still be in once piece if it wasn't for time spent exercising. 

2) Eat Well

Forgot how much healthy food costs, put down the chocolate and centre your meals around lots of fruit and vegetables, good carbs and lots of protein. I have been buying ready to eat salmon and mackerel, flaking it over salad leaves and serving with some sun dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. It's really quick, really easy and really tasty. I promise you, if you binge on unhealthy food it will only make you feel worse, feel more stressed and more fed up. Believe me, I've been there!

3) Stolen Moments

Try and find little moments in your day to indulge in something for yourself. Recently I have been getting up 20 minutes earlier than I need too, making myself a hot drink and some toast and sitting back and flicking through a magazine. While it may seem counter effective to get up earlier that slow, relaxed and indulgent start to the day is sometimes all that gets me through. 

I hope one of these tips helps you in your next stressful period, if you're already doing all three and still finding life difficult then I would suggest a good glass of wine and many friends! 

R x


  1. These ideas are just what I need tight now! Just moved to a new flat, and I'm soooo stressed cuz I can't find anything!!! You have the perfect recipe for reducing stress and I will def take you up on it!!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. Oh no, that does sound stressful! I hope my stress free solutions come in handy and your life calms down soon! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    R x

  3. Great suggestions. Expecially the first one. I have to remember it tomorrow morning...