Monday, 6 May 2013

WWW: Comfortably Stylish

It's one of those age old dilemmas when constructing outfits; to prioritise style or comfort?  This week I had to find outfits suitable for traveling, meetings and dinners, so they had to hard-working ensembles!  I needed to be smart, crease-free and comfortable.  Cue the jersey pencil skirt, polyester shirt and Clarks shoes.

Jersey is my go-to fabric for comfort and fit.  When you have hips like mine, it's hard to find things that fit around them and don't hang right off my waist, so stretch jersey is a winner.  And, for me, a pencil skirt is a shortcut to a smart outfit.

The shirt is wonderful, it's a nice surprise from River Island's Chelsea Girl range, of which I'm not usually a fan.  But the Japanese inspired print is beautiful and the fabric doesn't crease, so it's perfect for traveling.Unlike some girls I know and admire, I cannot seem to walk around endlessly in skyscraper heels.  A flat shoe or sneaker is my usual footwear of choice, and these supremely comfortable Clarks cuties are my favourite right now.

A wears // shirt: River Island // skirt: Urban Outfitters // watch: Michael Kors // tights: River Island // shoes: Clarks //

What do you wear to stay smart and comfortable?

A x


  1. Lovely shirt! Great blog by the way - you have a new stalker! ;) !


    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. It's getting quite a lot of wear! A x