Thursday, 20 June 2013

I Blame the Crackle: Caviar Nails // How To -ish

I've been meaning to buy Ciaté's Caviar Nails for a day and an age, but partly due to them selling out completely in the UK and partly to my incessant forgetfulness, I never did.  In fact, they've been on my wish list since before Christmas(!), so imagine my delight when I discovered this month's Marie Claire came with a free mini Caviar manicure set.  I quickly snapped up an issue and sat down excitedly with my new toys!  I'll give you a quick step by step as although it's not complicated, it does require a little more effort than your average nail polish.

Step One
As always, use a base coat to protect your nails.  I took the opportunity to file my somewhat uneven nails, moisturise and push back my cuticles so my hands look as good as possible in the photos! 

Step Two
The kit come in two parts; a base colour, in this instance in Cookies and Cream, and the caviar pearls, in Shooting Star.  Gorgeous, hey?

Step Three
The easy bit.  Paint your nails with one coat of the base colour.

Step Four
The slightly more challenging bit.  Take your nails one by one here.  Once the first cost is dry, paint a second coat of the base colour onto one nail then, holding your nail over some sort of receptacle (a handy bowl will do), gently pour over the caviar pearls.  Then press gently to ensure they stick.

Step Five
Repeat Step Four for all of your nails.

Step Six
Sit back and admire your nails and thank Ciaté for inventing Caviar Nails!

Step Seven
In case you're wondering, my Caviar Nails lasted for two days looking good, then came off very easily with nail varnish remover and a cotton wool pad.  Easy as A-B-C!

Have you used Ciaté Caviar Nails or other Ciaté manicure kits?  How did you find them?  

If you do follow these steps, let us know how they turn out, we'd love to see photos!  Tweet us @RAJEdesign or comment below.

A x 

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