Monday, 3 June 2013

Clean and Lean

Not so long ago I ordered 'Clean and Lean' by James Duigan and after one evening of solid reading I woke the next morning with a refreshed and renewed dedication to eating well. The thing with Jame's approach is it isn't a quick fix, it isn't a diet or a last ditch attempt fuelled by weight loss shakes to get into bikini shape. James asks you to think about the effect that food has on all of your body and arms us with enough information to make informed choices about what we are putting into our precious body. 

So without much further ado after reading the book and noting down some recipe suggestions I embarked on my new Clean and Lean lifestyle. 

I've been acting Clean and Lean for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, Jeams Duigan is a genius! I feel healthy and full of energy. My hair and skin look great, my clothes are starting to look too big and my body confidence is the best it's ever been. I'm the smallest I've been in my adult life and do you know what the best thing is? I'm not even thinking about my size, my weight or my waistline. I honestly don't worry about it anymore because I feel great every day. 

Up until Sunday I spent every weekday completely Clean and Lean and then relaxed slightly at the weekend, allowing the odd croissant or slice of birthday cake. However, after following the #SugarChallenge on Twitter I decided to take it a step further and give up all sugar for 30 days! This sounds extreme but when you're already living out the Clean and Lean principles it's actually quite manageable. I am however allowing myself some exceptions in the form of fruit and limited organic maple syrup. 

I enlisted A to do the #SugarChallenge with me and so far, so good! If you fancy joining us then our simple rules are:

-No added sugars in any food
-No fruit juice/fizzy drinks/squash 
-Allowed fruit and limited amounts of organic maple syrup

Make sure you check all your food labels as sugar crops up in unexpected places such as jars of pesto! 

So far we are both really enjoying the challenge as it adds another dimension to our Clean and Lean eating and keeps us disciplined. I am already shocked by the amount of foods that have sugar in them when you don't even know it, if I'm eating sugar I want to know! I want to sit down with some chocolate and know that I'm indulging, I do not want to cook a meal thinking it's healthy but then actually be consuming harmful sugar. 

Neither of us have signed up to this challenge with the aim of weight loss, but purely just for the challenge and to take even better care of ourselves. But in the interest of transparency here are some before photos, and check back in 28 days for after photos!


R x

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