Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to last all day in high heels

My love of shoes verges on the obsessive, in fact I think I have been in love with them since I can remember. One of my first memories is putting my feet into my mum's high heels and strutting about the house in what I considered to be my prettiest dress (or equivalent) and the largest hat I could find. As a teenager I begged continuously for a pair of Spice Girl-esque platforms, at uni I admit that I spent a good portion of my student loan on them, and honestly it's only got worse now I'm a "grown-up".

The other day R pointed out that I was one of the few people she knew who could last all day in heels. After thinking about it, I realised that very few of my friends actually wear heels to the extent that I do, so I obviously concluded that this skill should be added to my list of my special abilities/magical powers...

Or I realised I have a few secrets that help me throughout the day:

1/ Be a Sensible Human
I am (arguably) blessed to have a desk job, meaning I am not running around London for 8hrs a day in heels. If I know I have a day not at my desk, or I am going to a gig after work I do not decide to wear my gorgeous but not the most practical Burberry peep toe ankle boots.

2/ Be Nice to Your Feet 
I do not wear heels everyday, your feet need a rest every now and again. Trust me, otherwise they'll be angry.
I usually do a varied combination of 2 days on 1 day off. Or, for example, if I know I want to wear those sky high Glitter Gold Kurt Geiger platforms on Thursday, I'll wear my blue suede flats on Wednesday.

3/ Wear in Your Heels
All new shoes, regardless of where they were bought, require a bit of testing out. A few hours every day to make sure they are stretched out, means they won't rip your feet to shreds when you wear them for a full day.

4/ Have a Back Up Plan
I have a few essential secret things to help me last through the day and into the night:

  • Party Feet & Plasters: Obvious, but often forgotten, can make all the difference when your beloved shoes turn against you and definitely with having a couple of spares! 

  • Pop Socks: Make your bare feet look a bit granny ish but pop socks (or ankle highs) stop feet rubbing if/when they get sweaty. 

  • A Pair of Flats: This is not cheating. An extra pair of shoes is essential for a) getting places and b) having a backup plan. It's a personal preference, but I go with pumps rather than trainers. My biggest pet peeve is seeing commuters in lovely office dresses and stinky old horrible gym trainers. But that is more about my distaste for ugly trainers than anything else. The point is, I have had one too many situations where I am hobbling to the tube because my feet are in agony (usually because I have forgotten all of the above) to risk not taking a back up pair with me. 

So those are my heel survival secrets, but you are all sworn to secrecy OK? If anyone asks I am EXACTLY like those one of those women from Hollywood films running about in 6 inch heels without a care in the world. Deal?

J x


  1. Keeping some clear plasters is just an absolute must have!


  2. Pre-emptive plasters! Wear your heels for half an hour, then take them off and see where there are red bits on your feet, then cover them with a gazillion compeeds!