Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I Blame the Crackle: Galaxy Nails

On a mission to make my nails R~A~J~E Launch ready, and with the objectives of being both utterly stunning and unique and achievable myself; I set about finding some nail art inspiration.  After trawling through Pinterest for ideas, and deciding they were either too simple or too difficult (talk about being hard to please!), inspiration struck me in the form of my amazing Topshop galaxy print leggings - see below.

To work, and first to assemble the colours.  This was where my ridiculously huge collection of nail varnishes came in handy; I had all the necessary colours to realise my dream!  Obviously you could use any colours you fancied.

So, after a base coat, I layered a thin coat of Nails Inc. Motcomb Street, a lovely dark navy-teal shade, as the ground colour.  Then starting with the darkest shade and moving to the lightest (approximately), I dabbed most of the nail varnish from the brush on a paper towel and then dabbed thin splodges of colour in random patterns over my nails.  Then I topped it all off with a few highlights of white.  Then topcoated to protect.

The beauty of this technique is twofold.  Firstly, it is unbelievably easy to achieve; no steadiness of hand needed, no precision required, just splodging.  Secondly, it is remarkably quick; as you dab of much of the nail varnish onto a paper towel, not much actually goes onto the nail therefore you can move from colour to colour with no delay and then happily apply your topcoat. 

Here is the rather abstract result.  What do you think?  Have any of you tried your own galaxy nails?  And did you see J's galaxy nails from a while back?

Ooh, and do let us know if you try my method.  I'd love to see how it works!  Tweet us @RAJEdesign or comment below.
A x

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