Sunday, 16 June 2013

London Collections: Men // Topman Design

As you may or my not be aware, today kicks off the SS14 London Collections: Men.  Happy coincidence I think, that it's Father's Day too, but today really is all about the boys.  While we may not be sat on the front row at the shows, some of the retailers and design houses are forward thinking enough to engage with social media and stream their shows live on the internet for all and sundry.  Yes, that means you and me.

First up, and these guys really are paving the way for the great British high street here, is Topman Design.  Topman Design was previously shown at MAN, created by Topman and Lulu Kennedy of Fashion East, which is credited with having started the Men's schedule at London Fashion Week.  The collection has since grown and grown, and with retailers across the globe; Topman Design is establishing itself as a name to be known in menswear.

Today the models paced round the awkwardly angular catwalk a seamless blend of Ian Curtis, Johnny Cash and a young matador. The collection consisted of the lovely tailored separates we've come to expect from Topman design, but this season the lines got looser, the silhouettes less boxy and the overall look was more louche, luxe, and laid back.  

This is a confident collection.  The point being driven home by the heavy use of florals on shirts, knits, and jackes; this is a man happy in his masculinity and with nothing to prove, safe in the knowledge that he is exactly who he is.  Picture Gene Kelly; there he is in his loosely tailored trousers, fitted tank top and toe-tapping shoes, every bit the manly man.

This more relaxed aesthetic carries through to the use of colour. Where previous collections have been littered with brights, this time the palette was limited to black, cream, and burgundy.  Highlights are of gold and silver, continuing the metallics trend kick started by Burberry, and carried right through to the mirrored sunglasses.

With a touch of Americana, the confession that fashion still loves the bomber jacket, and a whiff of the "oh, I just picked this up in a nifty little vintage store, darling" about it, this SS14 collection is easily cool enough for the London hipster and hipsters all around the world.

Feeling the need to brush up on your menswear?  Check out our mini series from the last LCM on getting to grips with menswear.

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