Friday, 28 June 2013

Mallzee: Shopping is better with friends

I don't know if you saw but a week or so ago I did a guest post for the website Mallzee. This came out of a few weeks of emailing the lovely team behind Mallzee and eventually deciding that actually this is something I am interested in! Mallzee is basically an online shopping centre, with brands like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and ASOS. You can shop online at the same time as your friends, comparing items, planning outfits etc. 

After playing around on Mallzee for a while (which by the way is an entirely pleasant experience - the website is sleek and easy to use) I realised that this is something that me and the other three R~A~J~E girls could actually use. I live a two hour train journey away from the people whose opinion I value most and so if I could shop virtually with them, well, that could be great! 

Before I say anymore let me clairfy that this is not a sponsored post, I haven't been paid, bribed or threatened to post about Mallzee. It's simply just one of few press releases that caught my attention! Anyway, all in all, I think you would have to be fairly online shopping savvy to enjoy using Mallzee, and I know some people really like shopping alone and so Mallzee wouldn't interest them at all! But I do think they're onto something and for those of us that shop online a lot, it could be a good tool to use. I'm just waiting for some more ethical brands to appear!

Some more on Mallzee:

This is the quiz Mallzee uses to form your personal 'Style Graph' so they can then recommend items and brands to you. 

By getting you to do a quiz when you sign up Mallzee gets to know your style and then recommends things you will like. Also, whatever products you want can be stored in 'My Wardrobe' for you to browse and look at whenever you like.
If you're not sure about an item you can invite your friends to comment or vote on it.

Now, if you are interested in Mallzee the lovely team are offering our readers some VIP memberships. This basically means you get offered more promotions and discounts and some other exclusive features. If you fancy giving it a go then simply follow the link below:

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