Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Not Quite a City Break

On a work trip up North not so long ago, we had an hour or two to spend in Leeds city centre.  Having just been made the journey up from London and had a very successful meeting, our first mission was to find food.  We were lucky enough to stumble upon Red's True Barbeque.  Red's is one of these new brands of burger joint that are becoming very trendy, where meat is the order of the day, and lots of love and care is poured into making the tastiest grill dishes and burgers possible.  I am not complaining, may this trend live on!  I had the nachos, which boasted three types of meat and super fresh guacamole.

With the hour we had before our train, we made our way through the city centre at break-neck pace and this is what we saw...

Love is definitely in the air!  From what I saw, Leeds is a beautiful city with lots of good shopping to be had, from high st to high end, including an arcade stuffed with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Charbonnel et Walker.  I think Leeds would be the ideal place for a weekend city-break.  Now that I come to post this, does anyone actually go on city breaks?  Are they just one of those mythical things that travel journalists do to fill column inches?

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