Thursday, 13 June 2013

Stop and have an espresso

My parents recently indulged in a trip to Florence and they returned with a delightful gift of some adorable Bialetti espresso cups. I have endless happy memories of Saturday mornings spent eating croissants and brioche while sipping an espresso and these espresso cups take me straight back! I was determined to make myself like coffee from an early age and I began with espressos, hey why not tackle the strongest first?! So from my early teens I was sipping this bittersweet drink, pulling apart perfectly flaky croissants and soaking up the love, intelligence, passion and comedy that resides in my family's conversations. 

This past weekend I utilised my new cups and recreated a little espresso magic, making my Favourite his first ever espresso! He is thankfully a fan and so hopefully we can share many more espresso fuelled moments...

R x

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  1. Oh my GOSH super super cute & retro! Stingy @ Home is always looking for cute cookwares & things - good find!