Monday, 10 June 2013

What We Wore // J's Twit Twoo Tee

The weekend after The Launch I escaped the confines of my bedroom come studio that has been my hibernation setting the past few months and went to FIELD DAY a lovely day festival in Victoria Park, East London, to bask in the sunshine, listen to some music, drink cider and have a dance. It Was Great. 

I also chose to use it as a chance to wear my Twit Twoo Tee, after having to keep the designs under wraps for 2 months it was pretty wonderful to finally show it off.

Always striving for something unique I customised my t-shirt; I cut off the neck rib (I always find normal tshirt necklines are just too high on me) and rolled the sleeves up (fixed with a safety pin) worn with a pair of skinny jeans and my hightop Addidas sneakers

They aren't huge changes but these amendments make the basic t-shirt shape a bit more flattering on me.  You can see how the other RAJErs have styled their Tshirts here.

And check out the rest of unisexi (yep - for boys and girls) Tee's here.

J x

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